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TCEQ Medical Waste Transporter
Registration ID: MSW50149

Who Are We?

We are a local family-owned company with four generations in the Corpus Christi area. We are proud to be from the coastal bend and care very much about our environment and constantly strive to reduce our carbon footprint by looking for ways to be GREENer at affordable pricing. We know most people also care, but in these economic times many business cannot afford to pay premium prices to lower their carbon-footprint. We are committed to being competitive and offering low prices while working with our customers and vendors to help our environment together!

Why The Name: Carry And Clean?

We Transport Regulated Medical (Biohazardous) Waste by CARRYing it off AND using CLEANer operational selections that results in a GREENer World. Also, by definition the word CLEAN means to remove dirt, grime, trash or waste; and thus we CARRY off Biohazardous Waste AND leave a CLEANer environment behind. Besides our name's acronym is C&C, which is short for Corpus Christi…

Ways To Be GREENer Without Raising Costs?

Many of these options result in cost reduction over time:

  • Sterilize versus Incinerate; where possible
  • Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) and Biodiesel Fuels
  • Aerodynamically Designed Vehicles
  • Dispose at Type-V Processing Facilities that Recycle
  • Use Recycled Materials; where possible
  • Reduce use of Paper in lieu of Electronic Mediums (e.g., E-mail)

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